ATSX 500

December 27th/28th 2019

Who can participate?

There are three categories:

96 spots - no spots left!

24 spots - 7 available

24 spots - 1 available

*Mixed. Juniors according to the rulebook of ATSX.
There is a limited number of spots. Only after registering AND payment your spot is reserved.

How do I signup?

  • Signup on the ATSX database:
  • ATSX Event oder Saison Lizenz vom Athlete Dashboard kaufen*
  • Register for the event with your ATSX profile Judenburg 2019/2020
  • Pay the event fee. You will get the link after you registered for the event on ATSX.


You are only registered if you have a valid ATSX license AND you paid the event fee.

* The processing of the license payment via Paypal may take several days!

What does it cost?

Until December 5th 2019
Early Bird Men / Women - 72 €
Early Bird Junioren*  – 51 €

After December 5th 2019
Standard Men / Women - 77 €
Standard Junioren*  – 56 €

All tickets include:
    • Coupons for 1x meal and 1x drink on the day of the event (Dec. 28th)
    • 2h of training on December 27th
Payment methods at the registration are debit- and credit card. On-site payments are charged with a 5€ fee.
* Juniors competing in both categories only need to purchase a ticket for the Men/Women category!

Where is the track?

The track is located in the mountain region of Judenburg, Austria. It can be accessed via a mountain road.

Please note that you must have snow tires and carry tire chains in case of heavy snow.

We will update you about the parking situation. Depending on the amount of riders maybe it will not be possible to drive all the way to the track. Please plan for a short walk (about 10 minutes).

What is the schedule?

THU, December 26th 2019

09.00 – 11.00 Buchbares Training
13.00 - 15.30 Bookable Training
15.00 – 19.00 Anmeldung

FRI, December 27th 2019

07.30 - 09.00 Registration
09.00 - 11.00 Free training
12.30 - 15.30 Time Trials

SAT, December 28th 2019

09.00 - 11.00 LCQ
13.00 - 15.00 Main race

Be on time! We have a tight schedule due to short days.


When is training possible?

Due to the Christmas holidays the track will not be opened before
December 26th
for training.

Trainings kann man hier buchen

If there is a possibility to train on the track before Christmas we will announce here and on facebook.


Wo kann ich Parken?

Vor Ort Parken ist für Athleten möglich. Die Parkplätze sind nur wenige Meter vom Ziel der Strecke entfernt.


Are there lockers?

Yes, we will provide lockers. Women will have a seperate room.

Where is the closest cash machine?

The closest cash machine is in Judenburg City!

List with cash machines in Judenburg


Do I need skate guards?

Only if you skate with sharpened skates.


Can I get my skates sharpened on site?

Yes, you can.

Sharpening will cost 5€. Please pay in cash.


Are there lockers?

Yes, we will provide lockers. Women will have a seperate room.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The main race will be held under all weather conditions.

Changes on the Time Trials and the LCQ can happen due to weather situations.

Where can I stay?

The local hotel Alpengasthof Sabathy has free rooms and shacks to stay in from Dec. 26th to Dec. 29th.

The track is accessible from this location via a closed road through the woods which will be opened for the athletes. Travel time estimated with 15 minutes.

Is there food and beverages on site?

Next to the locker rooms you will have the possibility to buy food and drinks.

You will get Coupons for 1x meal and 1x drink for the event day.

Still got questions?